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What is the 21 Day KETO Challenge for Beginners?

Simple! It's a PROVEN  Ketogenic (high fat, low carb) Program that has everything you need to be successful while learning about your body and how KETO works.

You will receive a complete digital packet that includes: Our Keto Success Manual, 21 Day Meal Plan, Printable Grocery Lists, a Recipe Book along with Swap Guides to adapt the program to your particular tastes and preferences!

We do not stop there! All the hard work has been done for you!
You will also receive a body sculpting workout to go hand in hand with your new dietary lifestyle. You will learn how to turn your body into a fat-burning machine!  As you complete the workouts we will assist you with taking and tracking measurements weekly. We will provide you with daily motivation and tips to keep you on track. A Facebook support group is also available to learn and progress through the challenge with others on the same path.

Here's a recap of what you will receive:

  • Success Manual details everything you need to begin.

  • Complete menu for 21 days of delicious meals. 

  • Easy substitutions for picky eaters. 

  • Easy nutritional modifications for men and women. 

  • Meal prepping ideas for busy people. 

  • Body-sculpting workouts to melt fat.

  • Shopping lists to make shopping quick. 

  • Motivation and support every day.

  • Progress Tracking.

  • Free App to keep organized.

This plan is NOT for anyone with: a history of kidney problems, diabetes, or who is pregnant or breastfeeding.Before starting any fitness or nutrition program, be sure to check with your doctor!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When does the 21 Day KETO Program begin?

This program can be started at any time.

If you're registering for the "In-Person" or "LIVE Online" option, workouts take place Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We have sessions available at 4pm, 5pm, or 6pm. Sunday will be available at noon by appointment only. 

If you're registering for the "online" version, you can follow the workouts through our app, anytime of the day, anywhere in the world.

2. Do I have to live in a specific location to Participate?

You have an “in-person” option where you would need to be able to attend sessions in Royse City, TX.

However, the online and LIVE Online programs are 100% internet/app based so anyone that has access to the internet (anywhere in the world) can follow the full program on a phone, tablet, or computer.

3. When can I join?

You can join any time. There are limited spots available, and you will need time to get your first week of groceries, so plan accordingly.

4. Is this program suitable for vegetarians?

This particular meal plan is not vegetarian.

5. Is this program diabetic safe?

No. We are so sorry. This plan is NOT for anyone with: a history of kidney problems, diabetes, or who is pregnant or breastfeeding. Always check with your doctor before beginning any nutrition or fitness program!

(Check back as we do offer certain meal plans that are safe for diabetics.)

6. Is it easy?

Anything worth having is worth working for! Having a meal plan already lined out, a convenient shopping list, quick convenient workouts, and best of all access to a trainer and support makes this challenge a whole lot easier!

7. If I chose the online option, do I need equipment?

While most of the workouts include body weight only options you will still need a few things. You will need to have access to a cardio option or two. (Examples:A park or place to walk, treadmill, bike, elliptical machine, etc.) You will also need a few sets of dumbbells, hand weights or resistance bands. (Suggestions: 5 pounds, 8 pounds, and/or 10 pounds.)

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